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What is the importance of SEO to a website?

Nov 30, -0001 12:00:00 AM

Search engine optimisation is about increasing your organic and natural visibility on search engines, which can be achieved through various on and off-site techniques. It’s essential that your site is seen on search, because roughly 93% of online activity starts on a search engine.

And with around 60% of searches taking place on a mobile, a responsive website is a snap. Most websites nowadays will be built with responsive in mind, but there is a large number of devices that they need to be compatible with, so it can be tricky to get right output.

There are still a large number of websites that aren’t responsive, and it’s frustrating when you have to use on a mobile phone.

Apart from responsive, a web designer should think about other on-page optimisation activities, such as improving the content,user interface,navigation and technical areas of the site.

Any changes that you make to the site may impact your SEO performance for better or worse, which will affect your rankings in search engines like Bing and Google,Alexa. A good design will take into consideration the following factors:

Structure and navigation:

You want to make it as easy as possible for users to navigate your site. It will also help bots to create a map of your website when they crawl it.


While not as important as user friendliness, your design should look great so that users stay on your website and want to revisit it again.


You’ll want your website to allow you to input custom metadata and alt tags, which will provide greater explanation of pages and content. This gives bots more information about the page when they’re visiting your website. The page title and the meta description are also the first thing that a user sees in the SERPs and will determine whether they click on your link or not.


A site should have functionality for creating new content so that you have more pages indexed in Google. This will increase the chance that your site will be found on search engines and means that there is more information about your website on the internet. A site that is always changing will get crawled by Google more frequently.

If your current website isn’t optimised for navigation, speed and design, then you can have a web designer build your site so that these factors are taken into consideration.

They should be considered as part of the UX design as well.